GF&M Receives Glowing Review from Chambers and Partners

Chambers and Partners has dedicated the last twenty-five years to researching and ranking the world’s best lawyers. They produce expert guides for the USA, UK, Europe, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Canada and Global market and this year launched the Chambers High Net Worth guide – their first publication specifically aimed at the international private wealth market. Gordon, Fournaris & Mammarella was fortunate enough to be recognized in this publication as seen below:


“Gordon, Fournaris & Mammarella ‘would be my go-to firm’ enthuses one client. The firm's trusts and estates team acts for a range of clients from across the country on Delaware legal issues. ‘I like working with them,’ a market source says. ‘They know what they are doing, they know what's going on in Delaware which is very important to us.’ Lawyers at the firm advise clients on trust and estate matters, including probate and estate administration.

Gordon, Fournaris & Mammarella also undertakes fiduciary litigation arising from estate plans and their administration. Sources regard the firm as ‘one of the premium firms in Delaware,’ noting that the lawyers ‘put out really good work on a high level.’ Market peers observe that ‘they have really grown and taken on a national role,’ and ‘they're very knowledgeable in Delaware law, and have always been.’

Notable practitioners 

The ‘very technically proficient’ Michael Gordon assists clients with the creation and administration of trusts and reviewing Delaware trust agreements. He has experience in transferring out of state trusts to Delaware. ‘He's intelligent and very hard-working," a fellow lawyer enthuses. ‘He's very good and I like him.’ Market peers observe: ‘I just find him to be very responsive and very technically orientated in drafting processes, he really has attention to detail.’ Another source describes Gordon as ‘absolutely fantastic, a standout person, people here respect him tremendously’

The ‘excellent’ Peter Gordon assists clients with their trusts and estate planning matters and any fiduciary litigation that may arise from estates and trusts. Fellow lawyers say that ‘Peter is very accessible and also has a great deal of experience in Delaware,’ and regard him as ‘very smart and responsive.’ One source highlights Gordon's up-to-date knowledge of the current trends in Delaware trusts law and another praises his role in driving Delaware law forwards: ‘He is very proactive in making sure that Delaware is at the forefront of trust legislation.’ Gordon is regarded as ‘the go-to person for Delaware law questions.’

Daniel Hayward creates and administers Delaware trusts and reforms trusts for local and out of state clients to be compatible with Delaware law, with experience before the Delaware Court of Chancery. One client says he is ‘fabulous; he is one of the people I would go to first. I like his drafting style and his analysis of different issues, and the fact that I can call him to find out what is going on, he takes the time.’ Hayward represents individual and corporate trustees in legal issues arising from their fiduciary duties. Market sources call Hayward a ‘really good lawyer, with a lot of experience in this area.’ Another interviewee says: ‘I have always found him to be organised and able to bring his past experience into new matters, which is always helpful because you can hit the ground running with whatever you need.’

Norris Wright is ‘an excellent lawyer’ who principally acts on fiduciary litigation matters and advises on estate planning. One source says Wright is ‘very, very good,’ praising him for being ‘very knowledgeable’ and always up to date on current trends in Delaware law. A client echoes these sentiments, adding that ‘Norris Wright is a legend in Delaware for knowing everything.’”